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Bio and Artist Statement

Mark Moore


Artist statement

I express my deepest emotions on many types of mediums, but more recently have discovered that painting soothes the soul. I am inspired everyday by this majestical land we live in. Life is so beautiful, and I wish to convey its beauty on canvas. I can only hope to touch the lives of many people and to give them everlasting pleasure. I want to make others feel as beautiful as the pieces I create. People are very much like art and is truly a matter of interpretation.



I was born in Southern Ohio. When I was a young boy I sat down and started to draw, I think I could draw before I could write. My parents moved me and my 3 brothers to Columbus, Ohio when I was around 10 yrs old. I did have an art class in grade school, but other than that I haven't had any formal training as far as art goes . I have always done art in some form or another since early childhood. I got married young to my childhood love and now have 2 boys to complete our beautiful family. My family and I moved from Ohio to a small town in North Alabama. My mother had always wanted me to choose a career as an artist, but I had always chosen to keep my art private. I started sharing my art about 8 yrs ago in the form of murals for friends , family, and local businesses . My mother passed away in 2009 and I found an empty spot in my life, to fill that emptiness I started to do paintings on canvas . As time went on, I was painting so much that it was time to take it further and here I am showing my work to anyone that will look. My work fills a gap in my life and hopefully it can fill a gap for someone else as well .

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  1. Tracie avatar
    Tracie Jan 10, 2012

    You are a great artist! I love the celebs and how you have that personal touch in them! Keep up the great job!

  2. Mark Moore avatar
    Mark Moore Jan 10, 2012

    thank you for the inspiration